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This page contains three useful things to help you get the most out of Cowork Crowd.

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2. A welcome video to explain what will happen next

3. An explanation of how our sessions work in case you want more details

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(Please note that we no longer use Zoom for our coworking sessions!)

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How our Sessions Work

For those who like a bit of detail, the following guidelines summarise how our coworking sessions are run. Sticking to these will help ensure that the sessions run smoothly for everyone and that we can all be as productive as possible.

  • All the information for each week is sent by email first thing on a Monday morning. Be sure to read these since they contain important updates about what’s new or changing!
  • You join our coworking room via a link when you’re ready to work.
  • If you want to join for a specific check-in time, aim to arrive a minute early.
  • When you first arrive in the room, take a moment to add your priority tasks for the session to the Today’s Goals pop-up box so we can see what you’re committed to getting done. This helps us (and everyone) know what you’re working on throughout the day.
  • You can then use the chat feature to update everyone each time you start and finish a specific task. Don’t forget to encourage and celebrate others too when you have a moment.
  • At specific times during moderated coworking sessions, we will check-in verbally with everyone who is working to see how they’ve been getting on and what they are working on next. This is a great time to get feedback and celebrate your wins.
  • Everyone mutes themselves while they are working. These are intended as silent working sessions, so please ensure that your microphone remains muted during the session so that you don’t disturb others.
  • We encourage you to leave your video on – this really helps everyone to feel like they are working alongside others. Obviously feel free to turn it off if it makes you uncomfortable or if you are doing something that requires you to switch it off.
  • If you like having a flexible schedule, then do just come and go as you please.
  • If you arrive after a check-in time, add your tasks to the Today’s Goals box or chat box so we know what you’re working on.
  • And if you need to leave before a check-in, you’re welcome to disappear off, but do let us know in the chat box how you got on with completing your task before you go.
  • Don’t forget to try to work on important rather than urgent tasks – the urgent will always get done!
  • Finally, we are here to work together and support each other along the way by bringing structure to our working week.
  • We expect everyone to be inclusive, kind and supportive, both in the coworking sessions and in the Facebook group.
  • If you have any accessibility requirements that we need to be aware of, or if there are any ways that we can help you get the most out of your membership, then do let us know. You can always email us at hello@coworkcrowd.com or drop a DM to @coworkcrowd.